About Us

The Current Coaster Mission

With customer satisfaction as our barometer, we seek to deliver innovative designs, exceptional craftsmanship and great value to our customers. Current is committed to creating a growing line of world-class Coasters™ and accessories that will exceed expectations and create indelible memories of unbridled fun.

Based in Southern California, the Current Coaster Company is backed by a team of professional designers, engineers and managers that would rather go hungry than take another corporate job. From its improbable beginnings of a bar napkin sketch in 2010, Current has become the exclusive purveyor of Coasters(aka “kick scooters” or “scooter bikes”) and related products for teens and adults. 


What Current Is About

Current celebrates the rhythm and organic flow of life. From the shuffling feet of a Rastafarian skanking in the streets – to the tail beats of a dolphin surfing the locals swells – to the electricity in the air before your favorite band takes the stage. Current is simply about unbridled fun.You can see it in our curves and you can feel it when you ride... Current Coasters move you from Point A to Point B like nothing else. 

We’re big on design and product quality. We applaud creativity and craftsmanship, and hurl fermented tofu over corporate widgets without a soul. 

If you like our vibe and our products, please tell a friend. With your support, we can make a difference together. Current looks forward to re-investing 10% of its profits into causes that will make this world a better place.

We invite you to “Get Current” and get more than you paid for. Get Current to a beach blanket bingo party, to class, to a party down the block or to the corner store. Get Current to work, if you must. Who would stop you?


Current Coaster

A Division of Breebb, Inc.

2086 Afton St. 
Houston, TX 77055


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