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Congratulations on your new CURRENT COASTER! Conceived in Southern California, your CURRENT COASTER was designed with modern-yet-retro styling. Cruise through the neighborhood, down to the beach or around the lake; or leave the car at home and coast to work instead. Whatever your motivation to “Get Current,” you will enjoy the way you look and feel while onboard!

Don’t let its good looks fool you - Your CURRENT COASTER was crafted from high-quality compo- nents and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. With no greasy chains or gearing to deal with, the CURRENT COASTER is virtually maintenance-free. By following a few simple steps, you will be able to enjoy years of pleasurable coasting.

Please pay special attention to the safety warnings and cautions located in this Owner’s Manual, as an accident could be more than just a “buzz kill.”

Thanks again for purchasing a CURRENT COASTER!


WARNINGS & CAUTIONS Like any sport, riding a Current Coaster involves inherent risks of bodily injury. By choosing to ride a Current Coaster, you assume the sole responsibility for those risks and others described in this Owner’s Manual. To mitigate those risks, you need to know - and practice - safe and responsible riding, as well as the proper use and maintenance of your Current Coaster. Because it is impossible to anticipate every situation or condition that can occur while riding, this Owner’s Manual makes no representations about the safe use of the Current Coaster under all conditions.

This manual contains many “Warnings” and “Cautions” associated with the consequences of failure to maintain or inspect you Current Coaster and of failure to follow safe riding practices.

WARNINGS: The combination of the safety alert symbol and the word WARNING indicates a potentially hazard- ous situation, which if not avoided, could result in serious injury or death.

CAUTIONS: The combination of the safety alert symbol and the word CAUTION indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which if not avoided, could result in minor or moderate injuries, or is an alert against unsafe practices.

The word CAUTION used without the safety alert symbol indicates a situation, which if not avoided, could result in serious damage to the Current Coaster or the voiding of your warranty. Many of the Warnings and Cautions say “you may lose con- trol and fall”. Because any fall may result in serious injury or even death, we do not always repeat this warning of possible injury or death.

A Special Note for Parents: The CURRENT COASTER is not intended for children under age 14. As a parent or guardian, you bear the responsibility for the activities and safety of your child. Should you allow your 14+ year-old child to use the CURRENT COASTER, it is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is properly assembled, maintained and safe to operate; that you and your child learn, understand and obey not only the applicable local rules for where the vehicle may be operated, but what additional safety equipment is required (as well as following common sense rules for safe and responsible riding). As a parent, we urge you to read this manual before deciding if your child will be allowed to ride. Please make sure that your child wears an approved bicycle helmet when riding.



Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Assemble front fender

Turn the fork so that the dropouts are angled forward. Affix the fender stay with provided screw, washer and nut to the inside of the front fender. Note that the open ends of the axle loops should be facing down.

Step 2: Connect front fender and brake to the fork

Insert the caliper brake rod into the front of the fork. From behind the fork, connect the fender stay tab, as shown. Tighten the caliper brake lock nut securely.

Step 3: Assemble the wheels

For the front wheel, remove the capped nuts and insert the axle fully into the fork dropouts. Slide on each wheel retaining clip. Place the looped ends of the fender stays over the axles and securely replace the capped nuts.

Tip: Inflate the tires after the front wheel has been attached to the fork. This will make it easier to pass the front tire between the brake pads. Inflate up to the maximum pressure shown on the tire walls.

Tip: (For Kenda Kwickroller tires only) Though the front and rear wheels are interchangeable, it’s important that the arrow printed on each tire sidewall points forward when at the top of each wheel.

Step 4: Connect the handlebar stem to the steerer

Loosen the center stem bolt enough so that the wedge and stem can slide into the fork steerer tube. Lower the stem until the minimum insertion mark is no longer visible. Once the handlebar is set to the desired height, lightly tighten the stem bolt with a 6 mm Allen wrench so that the handlebar can be aligned perpendicular to the forks. Once aligned, ensure that the stem bolt is tightened and that the headset locknuts are secure.

Tip: For safety, the stem must fit snugly into the fork steerer. The tight tolerance may cause marring of the handlebar stem paint. Therefore, we recommend setting the handlebar high to test, and lower as desired.

CAUTION: Be sure the quill is inserted beyond the stem minimum insertion mark - it must not be visible above the top of the headset. If the stem is raised above this mark, the stem could pull free, causing loss of control and injury!

Step 5: Connect the deck to the frame

Being careful not to scratch the paint, insert the rear of the deck into position, then the front. Screw each bolt securely into the deck with a 4 mm Allen wrench.


Before You Ride

NOTE: We strongly urge you to read this Owner’s Manual in its entirety before your first ride. At the very least, read and make sure that you understand each point in this section, and refer to the cited sections on any issue which you don’t completely understand.

A. Fit and Fitness

1. Have you inspected the Current Coaster to ensure that it is properly assembled and in good working condition? See Section C, below.

2. Do you fully understand how to operate the Current Coaster? If you have questions, please first review the entire Owner’s Manual. If still unclear, consult your authorized dealer or contact us at info@ridecurrent.com.

3. Are you in sufficiently good health to ride? 4. Are you under the stated design capacity of 250 lbs. (113kg)?

B. Safety First

1. Always wear an approved helmet when riding and follow the helmet manufacturer’s instructions for fit, use and care. Failure to wear a helmet while riding may result in serious injury or death.

2. Do you have all the other required and recommended safety equipment? It’s your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the laws of the areas where you ride, and to comply with all applicable laws.

3. Watch your speed and get to know the power of your brakes. When braking, apply the rear and front brakes evenly. Misuse of the breaking system, including excessive speed or overuse of the brakes, can cause you to lose control. Caution, brakes may get hot from continuous use.

4. The CURRENT COASTER has a moderately low clearance. Ride on smooth, paved surfaces away from motor vehicles. Avoid speed bumps, curbs, drainage grates and other elevation changes that may cause the coaster to become grounded and suddenly stop.

5. Avoid streets and surfaces with water, sand, gravel, dirt, leaves, and other debris. Wet weather impairs traction, braking, and visibility.

6. The CURRENT COASTER was not designed for jumping, tricks or extreme maneuvers. Such activities may damage the product, cause injuries and void the limited warranty. Always ride with both hands on the handlebars and at least one foot on the deck.

7. Do not ride at night, unless properly outfitted with additional reflectors and lights. Many areas require the use of specific lights and reflectors.

8. Wet weather impairs traction, braking and visibility for the rider and others.

9. Do not let others use your CURRENT COASTER until they have read this manual and accept the stated and inherent risks of riding.

10. Rims must be true for rim brakes to work effectively. Wheel truing is a skill that requires special tools and experience. If you suspect a bent wheel, please see an authorized dealer for wheel repair or replacement.

11. Wear bright, visible clothing and close-toed shoes when riding. Loose clothing, strings and unprotected toes can get caught in the wheels and result in injury. Consider sunglasses for bright days or protective eyewear.

12. Do not stand, lean or put pressure on the fenders or rear wheel side panels – they are not intended to provide structural support.

13. Protect your CURRENT COASTER from theft by using a coated chain, cable or U-lock. To secure the CURRENT COASTER, pass the lock through the hole on the front gusset and through the wheels, if possible. Secure your lock around a stationary object.

14. Do not stand on the deck when using the kickstand – the kickstand could bend or break.

C. Safety Inspection

WARNING: Correct tightening force on fasteners –nuts, bolts and screws – is important. Too little force, and the fastener may not hold Securely. Too much force, and the fastener can strip threads, stretch, deform or break. Incorrect tightening force can result in component fail-

Make sure nothing is loose. Lift the front wheel off the ground by two or three inches, then let it bounce on the ground. Anything sound, feel or look loose? Do a visual and tactile inspection of the whole bike. Any loose parts or accessories? If so, secure them. If you’re not sure, ask someone with experience to check.



It’s important to your safety, performance and enjoyment to understand how things work on your Current Coaster. We urge you to ask your dealer how to do the things described in this section before you attempt them yourself, and that you have your dealer check your work before you ride the bike. 

A. Before Each Ride

1. Check the tire pressure to ensure that each tire is fully inflated. 

2. Ensure that wheels and handlebar stem are secure. 

3. Check each brake independently for proper function. 

4. Ensure the deck is dry and clear slippery items or obstructions.

B. Periodically

1. Clean and lubricate the brake cable, as needed. 

2. Replace grips and brake pads, as needed. 

3. Have your CURRENT COASTER inspected by an authorized dealer.

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